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The Graston
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ART® is a Patented & Medically Proven Therapy used world-wide that corrects muscular & soft-tissue problems caused by adhesion formation as a result of acute injury, repetitive trauma, or constant pressure and tension.

ART® restores the muscles, tendons, fascia & nerves to their proper function, thus decreasing pain and increasing performance without the use of drugs or extended rest periods.

ART® is an active form of therapy that requires patient participation to locate not only the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of the dysfunction.

ART® helps eliminate trigger points, because it treats the source of the pain. Sometimes the path of treatment may not be obvious due to either radiating or referred pain symptoms.

ART® improves performance by increasing range of motion, strength, endurance, and reaction times. It also increases circulation causing a positive change in CO2, O2, and nutrition and facilitates tissue repair.

ART® Provider Certification is imperative to ensure against less proven “copy-cat” therapies.
What is ART® Soft-Tissue Management?
Dr. Sanders treating All-American Joe Bonnes
at Ironman World Championships
ART® Protocol
What should I expect during and after an ART® Treatment?
Dr. Sanders treating Laura Sophiea at the Ironman World Championships
ART® finds the tissue that is injured and physically works it back to its normal texture, tension and length using over 500 treatment protocols for injuries.

Breaking up the
adhesions can be at times uncomfortable.

Once the muscle is returned to its normal state, then the joint
may be
manipulated into alignment only if medically indicated.

It is also important to
reproduce the symptoms during the treatment to
ensure that the correct muscles are being addressed.

The muscles must then be
strengthened using the prescribed exercises
in order to keep the joint in the correct position.

Unlike most therapies, it
does not require extended periods of rest before you notice results. You can expect to see significant improvements in the injury after just a few sessions.

(GOOD) Adhesions
or scar tissue are our body's “band-aids” and help prevent further injury.

BAD) Adhesions
also restrict range of motion, reduce circulation & muscle strength, inhibit nerve function, require an additional expenditure of energy & usually result in the production of more scar tissue.
Is ART® & Rehabilitation a permanent cure?
The immediate changes to the adhesions are permanent, but the real answer lies in patient compliance with the prescribed stretching & strengthening exercises designed for their individual muscle imbalances, activity or sport.

If it is a repetitive motion or tension injury, then the adhesions could eventually build-up again if the activity itself is not modified, thus requiring further treatment.
For more info on Active Release Techniques,
please visit: